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Tier One: Proofreading

We’ll catch and correct your typos, spelling and punctuation errors.

Tier Two: Copy Editing

We’ll review and correct your text, improving its accuracy, readability, and usefulness. We’ll ensure that it is free of error, omission, inconsistency, and repetition.

Tier Three: Content Copywriting

What do you want your reader to know? We’ll use our communications and marketing experience to craft copy that gets your message through.


$.05/word (minimum 500 words/$25)

Copy Editing 10-15c

Up to 300 words: $30-45

Up to 1000 words: $90-135

(Upload text file for an estimate)

Webpage Copywriting 50c

Up to 300 words: $150

Up to 1000 words: $450

Blogging (non-technical) 12c

Up to 500 words: $60/post

Up to 1000 words: $90/post